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Swedish Collectors Toy Treasure

New and used Figures for sale

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Lovely Figures 24 Carat Gold Plated and 32 % Lead Crystal

As I don´t know how to check the Gold and the Crystal these are sold "As Is" with no Guarantee of authenticity

GC01 - Dwarf 1

GC02 - Dwarf with Light

GC03 - Snow White

GC04 - Dwarf blue Diamant

GC05 - Dopey

GC06 - Dwarf second line 2

GC07 - Dwarf 3

GC08 - Dwarf 4

GC09 - Mickey with Heart

GC10 - Uncle Scrooge

GC11 - Mickey hand out

GC12 - Minnie with Purse

GC13 - Daisy Duck

GC14 - Baby Goofy

GC15 - Baby Donald

GC16 - Baby Mickey

GC17 - Baby Minnie

GC18 - Baby Daisy

GC19 - Dumbo

GC20 - Pinocchio

GC21 - Goofy Skiing

GC22 - Goofy playing Tennis

GC23 - Goofy playing Golf

GC24 - Donald Duck

GC25 - Mickey Sorcerer

GC26 - Mickey playing Piano

GC27 - Huey

GC28 - Louie

GC29 - Dewey

GC30 - Mickey with Pink Flower

GC31 - Minnie Mouse

GC32 - Pluto

GC33 - Bambi

GC34 - Snow White

GC35 - Mickey in Aeroplane

GC36 - Mickey with Hat

GC37 - Rabbit

GC38 - Chip ?

GC39 - Rabbit 2

GC40 - Rabbit 3

GC41 - Large Nephew